Migraine Remedy

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.
Migraine Remedy
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Migraine Remedy
Improve circulation to head and face

The use of this formula is intended for those who experience severe headaches or migraines on a widespread basis. It stimulates blood flow throughout the head and facial region helping to oxygenate and return circulation to restricted vessels.
Suggestion: If you experience migraines weekly, follow dosing instructions (one dropper full per 50 lbs of body weight twice daily) If your migraines are infrequent, take Migraine Remedy as needed but double or triple your dose at the first sign of a migraine.
* Have you been diagnosed with migraine headaches?
* Do you have headaches often?
* Do you experience facial pain?
* Have you had a stroke or are you at risk of stroke?
* Do you become dizzy frequently?
* Is it difficult to be calm and think clearly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may benefit from adding Migraine Remedy to your daily supplements.
Alternative uses of Migraine Remedy
* Improves circulation
* Promotes heart health
* Aids in digestion
* Encourages good bile flow
* Boosts memory
* It is an analgesic 

Migraine Remedy contains Feverfew, which relieves migraines and tinnitus. Wood Betony is for increased circulation to the head, brain and face and cognitive enhancement. Rosemary restores nerves, memory, circulation to the brain and heart health. Ginkgo  helps to improve circulation, memory and calms the stomach. It is an effecting treatment for Alzheimers. Catnip increases circulation, has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps reduce fever. Ginger relieves headaches and supports the lungs, immune system, circulation and calms the stomach.


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