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DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.
The Godsend
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Breaking the Curse of Alcoholism
The hypothesis made by modern alchemist Margaret Mary Gegenheimer is that some people become alcoholics due to a food allergy and missing enzyme, exacerbated by a vitamin B3 deficiency.
Margaret Gegenheimer is a researcher and certified Holistic Health Consultant known for her ability to assist people in finding the root cause to their physical or spiritual problems.
For over 25 years she’s helped people find the root cause for their disease and almost all roads lead to Rome… a sick gut with unhealthy stomach flora.  In all of this, there was one underlying pervasive culprit to ill health, and that was stomach yeast that grew out of control. “Candida Overgrowth”
Scientists know that alcoholics process alcohol differently than others because of an enzyme they are missing due to a genetic hiccup. They are all searching for a way to patent the enzyme so they can make it a drug to treat alcoholics.
Margaret followed a hunch that if alcoholics were to eat a diet very similar to the one she encouraged her clients that assisted their hair to grow back, that it would encourage them in no longer having the craving to drink alcohol. And you know what? Bingo!!! She was right.
To purchase her book: Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism. TM  
Message From Margaret
From the book "Easily Break the Curse of Alcoholism". Sharing section 3. The progression of sickness that can manifest from the same missing enzyme that creates the alcohol/sugarholic allergy.
Mothers also pass on yeast imbalances to babies that turn into eczema, psoriasis, possible cancers and childhood diabetes. So be a healthy mom-to-be! Prepare to conceive your child in your best possible health.
This is how I see this playing out…all because of a missing or low enzyme.
Your mother has bad and incomplete gut flora and passes it on to you in the womb. You are a colicky baby and a poor eater growing up wanting more sugars and starches. You may have ADHD-type problems and be the class clown. Maybe you are hard to handle and discipline. You may have anxiety, anger or depression issues that nobody can figure out. Time-outs and being smacked do not work. You may start to run with a wild crowd and start to drink early, (not always).
You may be prone to bronchitis and ear infections as a child (yeast overgrowth may very well be the root problem here)… The antibiotics now make your underlying condition even worse. You may develop pre-diabetes early on that you are either aware or not aware of yet. Though you may have a bad temper and are easily aggravated, this is due to sugar swings.
You still enjoy a diet of sugars, starches and fermented beverages. As time goes on you may develop leaky gut that you are not aware of just yet. Viruses, bacteria, yeasts and funguses start to invade your bloodstream. Your body tries to eliminate them through your largest organ, your skin. Your hair may begin to fall out or you may get toenail fungus, eczema or psoriasis. Epstein-Barr, HPV warts, Hodgkin’s or MS may begin to brew and you are still unaware.
Pay attention to sneezing fits; they may not be an allergy to pollen. They may be an allergy to too much yeast. You may find after your second or third drink or after a heavy meal of carbohydrates the sneezing begins. This is your body saying the yeasts are out of control and your pancreas cannot keep up processing the sugars. Your liver is overburdened trying to clean up the mess in the blood. At this point an abundance of pollen or air molds can also trigger an already overburdened immune system. If your internal yeasts were not so high the outside pollens would not affect you as bad.
Time goes on and now you possibly have a thyroid problem, which really stems from viruses attacking the thyroid. You are treated with thyroid pills and in time may be diagnosed with Graves or Hashimoto’s disease. These viruses eat iodine and compete for the iodine your thyroid needs to make immune cells for you.
Not properly dealt with, this may unfortunately turn into cancer. Let’s not forget the depleted adrenals playing a roll here. Should one be over-burdening the pancreas, it cannot keep up with making antibodies because it is trying to send sugar to your brain for you so you can think.
They take your thyroid out and now your body has no way of making cells that carry iodine to your other cells to kill pathogens and yeasts. Nobody has told you yet that you have yeast overgrowth and a missing enzyme causing all of these problems. 

If you are a woman you may now have or develop breast cancer. There is a huge link to breast cancer after your thyroid is compromised or removed because your breasts need iodine. They now remove your breasts, do chemo, radiation, and want to put you on a toxic follow-up drug or hormone therapy.
You get checkups for two years. All seems fine and bam! You don’t feel good. The doctors say you now have stage 4 cancer throughout your body. Well, Geez… how did that all happen?
Nobody ever addressed your stomach flora, nobody ever addressed your diet, nobody ever told you how to get rid of the yeast and pathogens, nobody told you about the missing enzyme and nobody ever brought your system back into balance for you.
Do you know why? Standard medical doctors are not taught how to do that. You may have had better luck with a naturopath who understands how nutrition supports your wellbeing, not doctors who only understand prescription drugs.

Now that you are stage 4 they want to treat you with more hormone therapy and steroids… really?
Has anybody figured out how to get iodine back into your cells for you now that your thyroid is gone? No you say? 
You say.. Hey this is a book on alcoholism.. Yes it is… and it is showing you the damage yeast can do if you have the alcoholic/sugarholic gene because of a missing enzyme (s) or get cancer because of missing enzymes. Well those enzymes grow in your gut, and if your gut is not complete you cannot make them, though you can eat the enzymes and bring your stomach and overall system back into balance.
This was just a sample progression, but you may find some of your ailments here. Other issues could be Crohn’s Disease or irritable bowel syndrome, vaginitis, prostate issues, endometriosis and others.


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