"Gratitude" -  December 2005

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.
Arnold and Lorraine Yesthal 1942
Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

My Mom married my Dad in May of 1942. We, as a nation had just entered into WWII. Mom (Lorraine Yesthal) was lucky enough to follow my Dad (Arnold Yesthal) during his service. He was a truck mechanic in the Army working stateside. They knew that their service and sacrifice was necessary to solidify our country to make this a better world. 

My Dad had a great sense of humor and loved to tell stories to my brother and me about the mischief he and his buddies would get into while growing up in S. Ozone Park NY. He came from a long line of hardy Norwegians and had the most beautiful eyes you ever saw. He died in 1969 of lung cancer. I watched as his calluses disappear and rock hard muscles turn soft but he never lost the love in his eyes. They would light up when he saw us walk in the room. He was - and is - my hero. 

My Mom never married again, though she was a beautiful woman. She said she already had the perfect marriage; so how do you top that? She lived to be 84. She was battling deafness, congestive heart failure and mild dementia; in the end it was lung cancer that got her. Mom died November 21, 2005. I miss her more than I ever thought possible but I feel so very blessed to have had a Mother that always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. All the 11 years I had alopecia Mom always said, “Lori, you’re going to beat this.” I didn’t believe her but she was right. When I developed "Endocrine Strengthener" it cured my alopecia totalis. 

In memory of Mom and Dad and as my Christmas gift to you I would like to give you the recipe for an essential oil mist I developed called “Gratitude”. 

Gratitude Essential Oil Mist 

4 oz water 
25 drops Lavender essential oil 
10 drops Neroli essential oil 
10 drops Bergamot essential oil 
10 drops Rosemary essential oil 
10 drops Lotus essential oil 
4 drops Jasmine essential oil 
1 tsp. glycerin 

Add all ingredients to an atomizer (spray bottle) and shake before each use. Use it as a perfume, air freshener or on your pillow and allow Gratitude to fill your heart. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Use it in good health. Please say a prayer of blessing for my Mom and Please! Please! Please! don’t smoke. 

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!! 

Love and Light, Lori 


Me and my Mom (Lorraine Yesthal) New Years Eve 2005

Me and my Mom (Lorraine Yesthal) New Years Eve 2005

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