Sinus Infections

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.
Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection

Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

                There are many ways in which I choose what will be the topic of my next newsletter. Sometimes I am inspired by something in the news that affects our ability to informed consent of medical care or perhaps a new and promising treatment. However the (heh hem) motivation for this newsletter was far less inspiring; it was the occurrence of my once in a decade sinus infection. You see I don’t often get sinus infections because I use the Neti Pot at least once a week…well, accept for that week. Because it happens so infrequently, I didn’t even recognize what I was experiencing. At first I felt some facial sensitivity similar to what you would expect with dental problems. But I didn’t have any troublesome teeth, so I did what every red blooded American would do. I ignored it; that is until the pain encompassed my whole head. It hurt to keep my eyes open, my ears felt like I was under water and my nasal passages were so plugged that I had become a literal mouth breather. It was then my brilliance kicked in and the light bulb went off above my head. ! SINUS INFECTION!
                  Now when this happens, most folks make an appointment with their favorite doc and go home with some antibiotics and suffer through the next few days. Often times the first course is unsuccessful and they have to go back to their doctor to receive a second course. Antibiotics are a wonderful life saving discovery but they are seriously over used in our society.  This over use is often responsible for super bugs, resistant bacteria and the need to make ever-stronger antibiotics.
                  One course of a full-spectrum antibiotic can destroy mass quantities of beneficial gut bacteria and flora that may take months or even years to replenish. That can bring about a condition called “Candida Overgrowth”, which in turn can lead to Fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, to name a few.
                  Furthermore, in my opinion, the two least effective uses for antibiotics would be Sinus Infections and Ear Infections.  Why you ask?  Sinus and Ear Infections are located in a part of the body that is a cavity. When you ingest oral antibiotics, it travels through your blood stream to the effected part of your body where it delivers the antibiotic to the infection…that is unless it is an area of the body that does not receive a blood supply such as a cavity….hmmm….I think you see the dilemma.
                  The good news is that there are effective alternatives to antibiotics to clear up a sinus infection.
                  Back to me….By the time I made my above-mentioned brilliant discovery that I was in fact dealing with a sinus infection, my first response was to use the neti pot, however, I found that my sinuses were about as impenetrable as cement in a drain pipe. Since I have a deviated septum, I do own several neti pots including one made for such a condition that allows you to use pressure to force the water through the sinuses. On the other hand I felt there was already enough pressure in my poor agonizing nasal passages. Instead I did this and it worked out amazingly.
                  I used an over-the-counter 12 hr. nasal spray (as best I could) to loosen things up and then I took a nice hot shower. After the shower I was able to use the neti pot as usual. Then I took my eye pillow (a small pillow filled with organic rice that can be applied, either hot or cold to various parts of the body). You can purchase one online or make one yourself by sewing together two pieces of 6” by 11” fabric and filling it with organic grain. Oh heck, you could probably even throw some rice in a sock and sew it closed. Anyway as I was saying, after I did the neti pot I heated the eye pillow in the microwave for one minute; I laid down with the pillow over my eyes/sinuses for about 20 minutes until it cooled down. I got up and blew my nose and it really seemed like things were loosening up. Several hours later I again used the neti pot, and laid down with the heated eye pillow. When it cooled down I got up and blew my nose again. I will spare you the unseemly details but let’s just say that there is no way on God’s green earth that I would have believed that all that “material” could have come out of my head!
                  I felt better almost immediately. The pressure was gone, my eyes didn’t hurt anymore and I could hear well again. I continued to use the neti pot several times a day for the next couple days to be certain all the infection was flushed out.
                  I tell you this because it is a practical way we can help ourselves and help our doctors by not pressuring them into overprescribing antibiotics.
                  The following is an imbedded link to learn how to use the Neti Pot. This is the one thing that most people are “scared” but when they give it a try, they are amazed how easy and non-threatening it truly is. Once you get used to it, it will become as familiar as brushing your teeth. I hope if you have one or more sinus infections a year you will learn how to use the neti pot before your next infection. After all, it is just another part of your body in which to practice good hygiene.
May peace and health be yours.

Love and Light, Lori
Healing Pillow

Healing Pillow

Healing Pillow
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The Healing Pillow is an eye pillow that is filled with an organic grain. It is very soothing when placed over the eyes. Use it anywhere you have an injury; illness or desire healing. This is no ordinary eye pillow. It is programmed to channel healing energy. It may be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer or just left at room temperature to suit your preference. The Healing Pillow comes complete with washable pillowcase. It is the next best thing to having your own healer at your disposal.
How this came about: I always used an eye pillow during my healing treatments. I’d place the eye pillow gently over my client’s eyes as they lay on their back. It is very pleasant and calming. One very busy day I needed a ten minute power nap? I laid down and fell instantly into a lucid dream state. In this state I saw myself performing a healing attunement on an eye pillow. This is the same attunement that I would perform on a student who wishes to learn to be a healer. Just as I realized how odd this was I noticed one of my spirit guides watching me. At this point my embarrassment had reached its apex and I was ready to interrupt the attunement. My guide put his hand on me encouraging me to continue. He told me that even an inanimate object can be an open portal for transmitting God’s Love and Light. As soon as he told me this a feeling came over me as though it was something that I had always known. I woke up and immediately performed the attunements on all the eye pillows I had and passed them out to friends and family. I asked for honest reports of the pillow’s effect. It didn’t take long before many positive reports found their way back to me and I was confident enough to add it to my line of products. I wish you love health and happiness along your healing path.

With Love and Light,
Lori Jacobs

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