Miracle Herb (Herbal Series) - May 2013

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.
Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

         I am pleased to tell you that May 4th is the 8th annual National Herb Day so in Honor of this I would like to talk about one of the finest yet most over looked herbs.

         There is an herb that cleanses the blood and reduces cholesterol. This herb is also a safe diuretic that reduces blood pressure. It can be made into oil for achy joints. It relieves food and environmental allergies. It produces healthy skin from the inside out; heals the liver as it dissolves and eliminates urinary and gall bladder stones. The juice from the stem of this plant when applied to warts dissolves them completely.

         Resent studies have shown that this herb causes cancer cells to self destruct; fundamentally killing themselves.

         Perhaps you are wondering what newly discovered herb is instilled with these amazing properties and how you can acquire such and interesting plant. Well, my friends this astounding plant is available to you all. You can find it in your back yard, on wasteland and growing through cracks in cement. This miraculous herb is dandelion.

         I hope you will find a new respect for this herb that has been so vilified. And if you haven’t been treating your yard with herbicide or other various poisons you may want to dig up some dandelions and try some of these remedies.

         If you or someone you know is experiencing the aggravation of warts here is a safe, painless and effective remedy. Find a healthy looking dandelion that is in bloom. Pick the yellow flower and you will notice a white sappy latex-like liquid oozing from the hollow stem. Apply this to your wart and cover it with a Band-Aid. Repeat this 2 or 3 times daily, you will notice the wart flaking away and after about a week the wart will be gone.

         If you have high blood pressure and you are on a diuretic, you must be concerned with kidney damage that can result from long-term diuretic treatment. Dandelion is a safe alternative since it supports and nourishes the kidneys and liver while it helps eliminates excess water. Dandelion is more effective than synthetic diuretics because it contains the mineral potassium, which is usually lost when using synthetic diuretics. Remember to drink plenty of water too.

         For arthritis you can drink dandelion tea. It is worth mentioning that dandelion is not the most pleasant tasting tea so you may want to blend it with mint, chamomile or verbena with a little honey. Or you might want to consider ingesting dandelion in tincture or capsule form.
         To make an oil for achy joints, fill a mason jar halfway full with fresh dandelion flowers and fill with olive or grapeseed oil then add a shot of vodka to prevent mold growth. Cover with cheesecloth or a coffee filter secured with a rubber band and place in a warm sunny spot for 4 weeks. Strain and transfer oil to a new jar or dispenser. Apply to joints as needed.

         Exciting medical research is in place now. The International Journal of Oncology published a 2008 clinical study showing the positive effects of dandelion leaf tea. Dandelion leaf tea decreased breast cancer cells.

         In Windsor Canada when oncologist, Dr Caroline Hamm observed that her patients who were drinking dandelion tea were recovering, sparked new research. Windsor University biochemist, Dr. Siyaram Pandey found that dandelion root extract forced the leukemia cells into apoptosis (cell suicide). Amazingly, the non-cancerous cells were left alone; the dandelion root extract targeted only the cancer cells. This is not true with chemotherapy pharmaceuticals that kill healthy cells as well as cancerous ones.

         As an herbalist, this does not surprise me in the least. The only time, trusted herbs become dangerous is when they have been chemically extracted in search of the so-called “magic bullet”. They must be used in their pure whole form.

         I use dandelion in my herbal tinctures Hepa-Health, to support liver kidney and gallbladder function, in Blood Purifier as a blood builder and in Fem-Fit to heal fibroids by removing them through the lymphatic system.

         Next time you want to spray dandelions with herbicide, ask yourself, “Do I want to poison the land and enrich malevolent corporations or nurture the land and partake of its gifts?”

Love and Light, Lori Jacobs

Love and Light, Lori Jacobs




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The use of this formula is intended for those who are facing any kind of liver; spleen; kidney; bladder or pancreatic challenge. It is a natural treatment for urinary track infection, stimulates blood flow to these organs while helping to cleanse them of toxins, phlegm and aids in elimination. Hepa-Health also boosts the immune system and puts the body in a defensive posture. Promotes the flow of bile and aids digestion. It can be used in place of antibiotics for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection.)

*Have you been diagnosed with hepatitis?
*Are you bothered by persistent [UTIs] Urinary Tract Infections?
*Do you have or have you ever had pancreatitis?
*Do you get chronic kidney infections?
*Do you have trouble with digestion?
*Do you have jaundice?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may benefit from adding Hepa-Health to your daily supplements.

Dose for UTIs (2 dropper full per 50 lbs of body weight three times daily for 7- 10 days). Remember to increase your water intake to 8-10 glasses a day.

Alternative uses of Hepa-Health
Improves circulation
Promotes gall bladder health
Aids in digestion
Is good for skin
Helps expel phlegm

Hepa-Health was developed to support liver, kidney, bladder, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen health. It is an excellent replacement for antibiotics as a natural treatment for urinary tract infection.  It is one of the finest and safest remedies for bladder infection as well. It contains Gentian regulate bile production, dandelion root and leaf to detoxify the liver and supply potassium. Blessed Thistle increases circulation throughout the adrenal system.  Parsley leaf and root support gallbladder health, cleanse the blood, reduce blood pressure and kidney inflammation and clear bladder infections.  Oregon grape root is well known for treatment of skin diseases due to toxins in the blood.   Safflower petals remove phlegm from the adrenal system as well as the lungs and removes uric acid from the blood.  Mustard seed supports the liver lungs and digestion.


Blood Purifier

Blood Purifier

Blood Purifier
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Blood Purifier

Healthy levels blood sugar and cholesterol

This tincture was specially formulated to help naturally lower blood sugar and cholesterol for those who have difficulties keeping them in a healthy range. Blood Purifier is also helpful if you have ever had blood poisoning or any toxic exposure. It helps by oxygenating the blood and balancing sugar levels. It also is able to purge excessive toxins and fatty materials from the blood.

* Do you have poor circulation or blocked arteries?
* Is your cholesterol high and/or arteriolosclerosis?
* Is your blood sugar hard to regulate, do you have diabetes?
* Have you ever worked with toxic materials?
* Are you looking to naturally lower blood sugar?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from the cleansing effect of Blood Purifier.
Alternative Uses for Blood Purifier
* Blood Purifier is a mild Appetite suppressant
* It stimulates the metabolism
* Supports lung function (especially with pneumonia or bronchitis)
* Provides gall bladder and liver support
* It is an expectorant
Blood Purifier has many useful purposes other than cleansing the blood. It is a safe alternative to statin drugs that can damage cause liver damage, digestive problems, diabetes, flushing and muscle aches. Black walnut leaf is an antiseptic and it kills parasites while balancing blood sugar. Uva-Ursi is an anti-inflammatory that helps cleanse the blood and tone mucus membranes and prevents diabetes. Echinacea has long been used to fight infection and poor immune function by increasing the white cell activity. Chickweed is a highly nutritious plant that guards against obesity and prevents ulcers. Fenugreek seed clears toxins and mucus from the lymphatic system which in turn help to expel toxic waste. Elder flower is very helpful to quiet allergies, colds and fever while it supports lung function. It detoxifies the body cells of waste and increases circulation. Dandelion leaves and roots are useful in supporting gallbladder and liver function while reducing blood pressure and preventing anemia.




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Fem Fit

Fem Fit was specially formulated for those looking to shrink fibroids of the breast or uterus. Fem-Fit helps to improve a sluggish digestive system. Fem Fit is made to gently stimulate the lymphatic system to process and remove toxins from the body. This is very helpful in the presence of benign fibroid tumors and swollen glands. It is a natural safe treatment to shrink fibroids and expel toxins.

* Are you looking for a natural remedy for fibroids?
* Do you often get swollen glands?
* Have you ever worked with toxic materials?
* Do you have signs of a sluggish lymphatic system such as lymphedema cellulite or edema?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from the cleansing effect of Fem Fit as a natural remedy for fibroids.
Alternative Uses for Fem Fit
* Arthritis and Rheumatism relief  
* Anti Cancer
* Blood Cleanser
* Promotes healthy skin
* Gall bladder and liver support
* Urinary Tract Health
* Helps prevent anemia
When using Fem Fit for fibroid tumors; also follow
directions for using a Castor Oil Pack
Fem Fit is useful if you are looking to shrink fibroids naturally without surgery, try using castor oil packs with The Healing Path’s Fem-Fit herbal tincture.  Fem-Fit contains burdock that has been shown to have anti- tumor properties in laboratory tests, and is used to effectively treat cysts and fibroid tumors. Wild yam helps bring female hormones into balance and yellow dock root helps to metabolize estrogen from the body to shrink fibroids. Oregon grape root promotes digestion and supports the liver helping with skin disorders as well as fibroids. Chaste berries regulate hormones to shrink fibroids. Dandelion is a blood purifier that strengthens the liver and helps eliminate excess estrogen and toxins. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, enhances the immune system and digestion.

When using Fem Fit for fibroid tumors; also follow
directions for using a Castor Oil Pack


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