10 Easy Ways to Improve Health - January 2012

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.
Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Happy Happy New Year! While I’m not one to put too much credence into “New Years Resolutions” because I believe the small “permanent changes you make are more effective. That said, it is not beneath me to use this opportunity to shamelessly promote healthy habits under the guise of “New Years Resolutions That Will Make You Beautiful, Smart, Rich and Happy”.
All kidding aside, chances are you’ll find a several things here, which you’ll find easy to incorporate into your life such as, avoiding hidden toxins, purging pollutants and eating healthy.  
1. All non-stick cookware is toxic. It will kill any birds in the house if it is overheated. I have sad first-hand knowledge of this. If you use non-stick cookware, throw it out and return to stainless steel or cast iron. Never heat food in plastic; many dangerous chemicals are leached into your food this way.

2. Drink 1 or 2 quarts of pure water daily (free from chlorine and fluoride because they are both highly toxic). If you have city water it probably contains both and it is absorbed through the skin as well as orally so dry yourself quickly after showers or baths and filter what you drink.

3. Cleanse and protect the liver by taking herbs such as dandelion root, parsley root, gentian, burdock and milk thistle or blessed thistle. An Excellent tincture containing the ideal combination of these herbs can be found at The Healing Path website. It is called Hepa-Health

4. Lymphatic Stimulation - Sipping hot water such as herbal tea stimulates the lymphatic system and helps the body to eliminate germs disease pathogens and toxins from the body. I like this simple ginger tea: Steep thin slices of fresh ginger in a Thermos of hot water and sip throughout the day. Add a little honey or stevia if you want a little sweetness. Drink ½ cup every hour if you are feel you are coming down with a cold or flu, and chances are that you will avoid becoming ill.
5. Sweat - Exercise, do Yoga, jump-rope or hop on a trampoline so your body can eliminate wastes through perspiration. If you are unable to perform the physical activities needed to sweat you can soak in a mineral salt bath to induce perspiration. Here’s a very effective & inexpensive recipe and instructions for Detox Bath Salts.

Basic Salt Soak Bath Formula
Minerals and salts make the bath water feel silky and leave your skin cleansed and soft.
1 cup sea salts
2 cups baking soda
1 cup Epsom salts
Use ¼ cup per bath or 2 Tblsp for a footbath.

6. Use natural skin care products. Whatever you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream without the benefit of being filtered through the liver. After a shower apply olive or sesame oil to your whole body. NOT MINERAL OIL! I make a Moisture Lotion that is made from all “food grade” ingredients. Again, it can be found at The Healing Path website.
7. Eat plenty of fiber, including organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Beets, radishes, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, and seaweed are excellent detoxifying foods. You’ll need at least 25 grams of dietary fiber per day to reduce cholesterol and prevent intestinal diseases such as diverticulitis and colitis.
8. Eat more fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, naturally fermented, non-pasteurized apple cider & fresh sauerkraut. They are natural probiotics that improve digestion and reduce or eliminate acid reflux.

9. Take at least 1000 mg vitamin C to help the body produce glutathione, which helps detox the liver, boosts the immune system and is an antioxidant. Also take at least 2000 IU of vitamin D daily. Most of us are deficient in vitamin D because we aren’t outside receiving healthy sunlight as much as our ancestors did.

10. Transform stress by emphasizing positive emotions and eliminating negative mental chatter. Breathe deep and slow to allow oxygen to circulate more completely through your system.
If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it! Wishing you a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year!   

Love and Light, Lori Jacobs




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The use of this formula is intended for those who are facing any kind of liver; spleen; kidney; bladder or pancreatic challenge. It is a natural treatment for urinary track infection, stimulates blood flow to these organs while helping to cleanse them of toxins, phlegm and aids in elimination. Hepa-Health also boosts the immune system and puts the body in a defensive posture. Promotes the flow of bile and aids digestion. It can be used in place of antibiotics for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection.)

*Have you been diagnosed with hepatitis?
*Are you bothered by persistent [UTIs] Urinary Tract Infections?
*Do you have or have you ever had pancreatitis?
*Do you get chronic kidney infections?
*Do you have trouble with digestion?
*Do you have jaundice?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may benefit from adding Hepa-Health to your daily supplements.

Dose for UTIs (2 dropper full per 50 lbs of body weight three times daily for 7- 10 days). Remember to increase your water intake to 8-10 glasses a day.

Alternative uses of Hepa-Health
Improves circulation
Promotes gall bladder health
Aids in digestion
Is good for skin
Helps expel phlegm

Hepa-Health was developed to support liver, kidney, bladder, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen health. It is an excellent replacement for antibiotics as a natural treatment for urinary tract infection.  It is one of the finest and safest remedies for bladder infection as well. It contains Gentian regulate bile production, dandelion root and leaf to detoxify the liver and supply potassium. Blessed Thistle increases circulation throughout the adrenal system.  Parsley leaf and root support gallbladder health, cleanse the blood, reduce blood pressure and kidney inflammation and clear bladder infections.  Oregon grape root is well known for treatment of skin diseases due to toxins in the blood.   Safflower petals remove phlegm from the adrenal system as well as the lungs and removes uric acid from the blood.  Mustard seed supports the liver lungs and digestion.


So Pure Moisture Lotion

So Pure Moisture Lotion

So Pure Moisture Lotion
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Moisture Lotion
Herbal moisture lotion for all skin types....made of pure organic ingredients. Relax to the scent of lavender and rose.
Seals in moisture, nourishes and enables skin to rejuvenate with organic aloe and olive oil. Replenishes nutrients that are abundant in youthful skin, reducing occurrences of breakouts. Non-slip moisturizers penetrates deeply to encourage skin's natural moisture levels. Adds remarkable glow that is noticeable and long-lasting.
Absolutely NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS so use it all over!
Ingredients: aloe, olive oil, rose absolute, lavender essential oil and xanthan gum.


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