Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine

DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.

Diane R. Mount Gilead, Ohio - I am 73 yearsold and I have developed lymphedema in my legs. One calf was swollen to the bursting point; measured 19"! Lori Jacobs recommended the Fem Fit tonic from The Healing Path   After not even a bottle, it was down to 13"!  My RN from home health is flabbergasted! She was impressed with the herbal ingredients. 
I told RN about The Healing Path'sYarrow Ointment and how it worked on healing the skin, so my nurse ordered some for herself, and also a BIG jar for her horse who has cysts inside its hooves.
Lori Jacobs has helped me more than any docs. She helped me replace a lot of my pharmaceuticals with herbal tonics that work great and make me feel better...LOVE her to the moon and back!


Bethany W. Coeur d'Alene Idaho - Four years ago after having my son and delivering his stillborn twin brother, an infection  started in my yoke sack and caused the miscarriage to released into my body. I was sick for several weeks but I was able to physically recover quickly for my new born but unfortunately... I developed alopecia totalis and  telogen effluvium due to the physical and emotional stress I’d experienced. I have seen over ten doctors including holistic ones and nothing changed. 
After I used The Healing Path’s Endocrine Strengthener tincture for a month, I could see noticeable hair growth, within a few months I had tiny hairs covering my entire head and in May of 2015 I went to work without a wig for the first time in four years. And now I am sporting a little pixie cut. 
I still have some alopecia spots on my head and some diffused thinning! But it’s filling in.
I just wanted to let you know that you Lori, changed my life in a huge way!!! Thank you

Wade S. Milford Pennsylvania - I am an auto mechanic and I had severe burns that wouldn't heal on my back. I received them from slag while cutting metal with a torch when I accidentally laid on it. Three doctors, 10 different pharmaceutical drugs and ointments, $350 co-pay for steroid creams with warnings to not touch if you are pregnant and still it was a painful open wound that wouldn’t heal.
I thought I would try a $15 jar of The Healing Path’s Yarrow Ointment. I applied it twice a day and in three days it was healed and gone. It’s good sh!t.


Elise C. Brodheadsville Pennsylvania - I had developed Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune hypothyroid disease) after a series of traumatic and stressful events.  Being hypothyroid, it is common to be afflicted with hair loss, and I was no exception.  I could clearly see my scalp in the front of my hairline on the top.  I resorted to wearing bangs, but I still could see my scalp at certain angles or if the wind blew.  I learned of "The Healing Path" through a holistic expo I attended in a nearby town.  When I was talking about my issues with a nutritionist at the expo, she immediately grabbed my arm and walked me straight to Lori Jacobs at the "The Healing Path" booth.  I purchased the Endocrine Strengthener.  Within 3 months, I had 1-1/2 inches of new hair growth.  I asked my hair stylist if she could see a difference in my hair.  She said that she wasn't sure if that was hair breakage or new hair.  I told her that all those 1-1/2 inch hairs were brand new hair growth.  She was amazed and asked me for the details on how I did this, so she could pass the Endocrine Strengthener information to her many clients with hair loss.
I am so completely satisfied with this herbal tincture.  I have my hair back, and look and feel so much better!  Thank you!!!


Sara B., Miami Florida - I developed a case of alopecia areata after an extremely stressful year. I went to many different doctors and dermatologists who all tried different types of treatment on me, including injecting my scalp with shots that did nothing other than further debilitate my scalp. One day I stumbled onto Lori's website and after reading her story, I decided to give her Endocrine Strengthener a shot. I liked the fact that it was a natural, herbal product, and I knew if it didn't help me it definitely wouldn't hurt me. I used the Endocrine Strengthener for approximately 4 months, and I believe it was that, combined with lots of rest, yoga and a healthy diet that helped me grow my hair back. I have now regrown all my hair back. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from this extremely frustrating and discouraging condition.


Terry S., Seabrook N.H.- my 13 year old pit bull [D.O.G] was really showing his age; he was having a hard time getting up from the reclining position and was even starting to loose his appetite. A week after I put the Lori Jacobs' "Healing Bandana" on him he made such a turn around that even family and friends noticed the difference. We took it off to wash it and forgot to put it back on right away. It didn't take long before we noticed him slipping again. We put it right back on him and he regained his vigor once again. Now we cut it in half so he will always have a clean one on hand and he is never with out it. Thank you Lori and D.O.G. thanks you too!


Adrianne L., Cameron Park Ca. - After going through chemotherapy, I was catching every bug that went around. Even two years after finishing therapy, I was still getting sick every time I would have my granddaughters over. A wonderful friend told me about Lori Jacobs and I was soon taking her Endocrine Strengthener; at last, no more sick days. Then I got complacent and didn't re-order. After a week without the Endocrine Strengthener, I again was down with a bug. This time it was a severe sinus infection. I promptly re-ordered the Endocrine Strengthener and within a week I was again well. I will never again allow myself to run out of this miracle potion. In my house, we call it the "Magic Elixir."
Thank you, Lori, for helping me to live a normal life again.


Susan W. Diamond Springs California - What a blessing to receive your Healing Pillow. I have had severe muscle spasms for months on both sides of my neck. I have had physical therapy, chiropractor, and massage therapy. Your pillow has helped me more than any other. I had the pillow in my left hand and could feel the energy healing. I can feel the healing taking place with other problems as well, like my eyes; head; feet; knees. It’s so amazing. It is difficult to find the words to describe it. I will tell my friends and loved ones about your pillow. 


Thorun C., Kansas City Missouri - Hi Lori, I wrote you about a month ago but wanted to update you on my progress. I have Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium and I have been using your Endocrine Strengthener for about 4 months. My bald spot is almost entirely grown back. I cut my hair very short, dyed it blonde, and got rid of the partial hairpiece I had been wearing since March. My hairdresser, my dermatologist, and I are thrilled. Thank you!


Carol Q., Elk Grove California - My son found out that he had Alopecia in October of 2006. His life changed from that moment on. His Doctor could not help him and depression was setting in fast. He once had a thick head of hair that was almost completely gone. For seven months he never took his ball cap off. I had told him that I knew someone who could help. I gave him Lori Jacobs' information for treating Alopecia with Endocrine Strengthener and he took it home to read. He said nothing about it for a long time, until he realized that his doctor could do nothing for him. I received a call from him late one night and he asked me for the Endocrine Strengthener that I had purchased for him. My heart raced because I knew he would be healed. I know this is a long story but I needed to tell it the way it happened. Two weeks ago he came to my house with a big smile on his face, I couldn't figure out what he was smiling about until I noticed that he no longer had his hat on! His hair is back! He is still taking his Endocrine Strengthener and he is happy again. He is now a believer in Natural Healing. I called him today and asked him if he had taken is Endocrine Strengthener, he said, "yep".
I'm getting ready to take my next dose as I take Endocrine Strengthener as well.
I hold Lori Jacobs in the highest esteem; she has helped several members of my family with her products.


Rodney R., Diamond Springs California - The Arthritis Formula from The Healing Path has helped my battle with arthritis, unmistakably and without question. When I didn't use it I noticed a big difference, my pain increased and my range of motion decreased. I will continue to use it.


Caryl I., Waxhaw N.C. - I am a 49-year old male who developed Alopecia Areata (AA) back in 1997 soon after my first daughter, Leeza, was born. It started as patchy AA on my scalp. Later, Alopecia Areata spots began to appear on my legs and to a lesser extent on my arms. After about a year I also experienced eyebrow and eyelash hair loss.

Being an engineer I researched extensively to find the cause of the AA and an effective treatment. I tried the standard treatments of corticosteroid shots, various topical irritants, and even some biologics such as Raptiva and Humira to address my Alopecia Areata auto-immunity problem. Nothing worked well (if at all) and it was very frustrating, but I was coping OK. However, the situation became more alarming to me when Leeza developed a spot of AA on the back of her scalp when she was about 4 years old.

Leeza's Alopecia Areata was never as extensive as mine, but I worried that it could get worse and affect her happiness. That triggered me to perform a lot more research on AA, auto-immunity, the immune system and how to effectively treat the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.

My research eventually led me to Lori Jacobs, The Healing Path website, and her wonderful Endocrine Strengthener (ES) product. After researching the ES ingredients I concluded that it made sense that it might work on Alopecia Areata, and given Lori's success on reversing Alopecia Areata with Endocrine Strengthener, I decided to give it a try.

Remarkably within a very short period of using ES (2 eyedroppers 3X daily) my hair loss greatly diminished, and after a few months I started getting hair regrowth in places that had been bare for years. Given my lack of success for several years of "traditional" therapy and even some non-traditional solutions I was very happily surprised that the Endocrine Strengthener was so quickly showing positive results. My AA eventually improved to the point where I stopped using any type of standard AA treatment, e.g., corticosteroid shots. After researching the ES ingredients and discussing the safety profile with Lori, I also started Leeza on the ES. Remarkably Leeza's AA reversed soon after starting on ES, and she has not had any subsequent AA episodes since starting the ES! It was hard for me to get Leeza to take the ES regularly at first, but once she saw for herself the positive results she now takes the ES every day without any prompting from me.

In addition to the ES the only other things I am doing that I found helped my Alopecia Areata over the years is to take grape seed extract (a powerful anti-oxidant) daily and I engage in a weekly 36-hour fast. But, by far the most effective treatment for my AA and my daughter's AA has been Lori Jacobs Endocrine Strengthener, and I will be forever grateful for her efforts in reversing Alopecia Areata and her great Endocrine Strengthener product!


Elise C. Brodheadsville Pennsylvania - I was already taking the Endocrine Strengthener for hair loss, which I was amazed by, when I decided to try the Migraine Remedy for the multiple migraines I would suffer monthly.  I would wake up in the middle of the night with migraine pain.  I would wake up in the morning with migraine pain.  If I had a cocktail in the evening, I would have a migraine before I even went to bed!  It was baaaaad.  If I did indulge in a few cocktails, not only did I go to bed with a migraine, I would have it for 3 days straight.  I'm not talking about excessive alcohol, I'm talking about 1 to 3 cocktails maximum!  They were so bad, I'd get them for no reason at all.  So, I avoided alcohol, which made me feel like the little joys in life were slipping away.
Ever since taking the Migraine Remedy, I have NOT had a single migraine!!!  I have been taking it for a month now.  Finally, pain free!  I have even tested the tincture and drank 3 Cosmos one weekend evening and I was not knocked out with a migraine!  To test that theory, I indulged in 3 more Cosmos the weekend after . . . no headache whatsoever.  It's unbelievable!  At the first sign of a migraine, take the tincture.  I no longer use Imitrex, just Migraine Remedy.

Kathy L., Roseville, CA You know when something is simply too good to be true, but it's working (as in a miracle), but you almost don't want to tell anyone for a while, just in case, like you're "waiting for the ball to drop". Well, "I'm spreading the news... It's been three weeks since I took off my last Estraderm (estradiol) hormone patch (which I wore daily for 8 years after a total hysterectomy) and I feel AMAZING!! Not one menopause symptom!!! My body made the transition beautifully, recognizing nature's blueprint in your Wise Woman Way tincture. I'm also using the Endocrine Strengthener of which I am confident that I will have a healthy happy winter season. Your healing tinctures, along with daily exercise, eating healthy, learning new things and keeping spiritually strong is my recipe for living another 49 years!!

With gratitude and love,

P.S. I just wish I wasn't so fearful and started sooner. I'll remember this lesson.


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