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Holistic Medicine

DISCLAIMER: Choosing a holistic approach to medicine means choosing personal responsibility for your health care. "The Healing Path" offers an option to use herbal supplements and energy healing to develop and improve health. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician.
What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a way of restoring health and balance by using a subtle, yet powerful, form of energy. I was born with this ability but I have studied Reiki, Quantum Touch and prana healing. Healing Energy is emitted through the hands of someone who has mastered channel healing. This simply means that the healing energy does not originate from the healer, but rather from a Higher Power. This Energy which is like a Loving Light; flows through the healer to the client much like water flows from a faucet.
It is my belief that the healing energy that I channel is in fact Love. Most people think that love is an emotion but it is actually the purest form of energy.

What is an Energy Healing like?

The client relaxes on a massage table (fully clothed except for shoes) and listens to beautiful music and enjoying the scent of sweet oils and incense as the healer works her way through the body’s energy system. This takes about an hour. Upon completion, the healer clears and seals the energy field, and says a prayer of thanks. At this time the client is anointed with lavender or rose oil on the "third eye chakra." This is an experience everyone owes to themselves. It renews refreshes and restores you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What is Distance Healing?

A distance healing is a healing that takes place when the client and healer are unable to make personal contact. It can take place from the next room, the next town, the next continent, or for that matter to our astronauts in space. Since Healing Energy is everywhere and not limited to the constraints of the physical, it can be called upon anywhere, at any time.


What can I Expect from a Distant Healing?

What can I Expect from a Distant Healing?

You have expressed interest in having a distance healing by Lori Jacobs. It is a highly personal, peaceful and enlightening experience. It is a different event for everyone but here are some things that you may feel or notice during your healing.

When setting up a time for a distance Healing we should choose a time that is good for both of us, a time in which you can generally be assured of being interruption free for one hour. If we are on different time zones (I am on Eastern Standard Time) I prefer to coordinate our Healing appointment so that we are “together” at the same time. If this is impossible as is the case for clients that are in countries with a vast time difference, I can plan to do your distance Healing as you sleep.

During the treatment it is a good idea to wear loose clothing if possible, removing restrictive articles such as belts, watches, and shoes before the treatment. Use the restroom before the treatment begins if needed. 

I recommend that you provide a tranquil setting for yourself such as dimming the lights; lighting a candle and perhaps some incense (if it is safe to do so) and putting on some soothing music. I prefer instrumental music because human voices tend to keep you grounded, one exception is Enya, her music is very ethereal.

Remember to take the phone off the hook or turn the ringer off and put a “do not disturb” note on the door. You should be comfortable either lying down or seated in a reclined position.

Your Reiki treatment will last one hour. During the treatment I gently enter your Energy system. I say a prayer asking that you may receive the healing that is appropriate for you at this time. I also invite enlightened souls (only enlightened souls) who wish to come forward on your behalf, to participate in your healing. You may wish to say your own prayer stating the results you wish to receive. I then work my way through your chakras, clearing and balancing them and making repairs where needed. 

You may notice that you can feel the slight pain of old injuries… do not be alarmed; breathe through it. This will not last and it is merely your body and spirit releasing the cellular memory of that negative experience. Take note of the colors that you see during the healing, it may be related to the chakra that is being worked on at that time. Before completing the treatment I cleanse and seal your aura and say a prayer of thanks for this healing which has taken place on your behalf.

After, I will email you a description of my impressions during your healing. And though I am not psychic, I do sometimes receive messages or information while I am in your energy field. 

It is not unusual for you to fall asleep during a healing, which is fine because you may have lucid dreams or dreams that impart information to you as well as “out of body experiences”. I encourage you to take your time coming back to the physical world. 

You may notice an ethereal lightheadedness or weightless sensation. If this happens allow time before standing at the end of your healing as the realignment of your energy system may cause you to feel dizzy or off balance. 

After your healing it is important to drink a lot of water. An energy healing raises the vibrational energy of your body; this in turn causes your body to release toxins from its deep recesses. If you fail to flush your system these toxins will just reestablish themselves elsewhere.  

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